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  • Server Info :

     -- The Burning Crusade (TBC) --

    GameBuild: 2.4.3
    GameType: Normal -- PVP & PVE --
    NPStart Level: 255 -- Normal Player Start Level --
    PMax Level: 255 -- Impossible to levelup more than 255


    Oficiall Server Start 15/08/2020


    Server more info :

    ---55000 Custom Items

    ---Epic Custom Commands

    ---VIP System / Bonus System (Bonus points every hour in the game)

    ---World Chat System

    ---Teleporter NPC / Mini Teleporter / Vip Teleporter

    ---Heal NPC / Buff NPC

    ---KilStreak System

    ---On Login Divine shield 8seconds

    ---On creating New character shows - We welcome to our new champion NameofChar 

    ---Beatmaster NPC

    ---Transmogrifier NPC

    ---World Trainer

    ---Custom Instances / Quests / Dungeons / Farm zones /World Bosses / Event Zones and more....

    ---Mount Vendor / Custom Vendor / Vote Vendor / Vip Vendor / Arena Vendor / Donor Vendor / Ultra Donor Vendor...

    ---Welcome Quest / Custom Quests / T1-T10 Quests / ViP Quests / Donor Quest and more.....

    ---Custom Duel Reset

    ---Custom Exteneded Cost

    ---Mall -- PvE Mall --  PvP Mall -- Vip Mall...


    Teleport Key 

    Through it you have access to all items in the game, without exceptions, and it's completely free! This is a special area that has sellers of free items. To do this, you must have a Teleport key. You can only get it from the site!


    When you get VIP access you get the following:

    ***VIP access for the whole account!

    ***Full VIP set + weapons.

    ***Vip buffs.

    ***Access to Vip Mall and VIP instances.

    ***Special VIP vendors.***VIP quests.

    ***Vip World Bosses ... and more.....

    Custom Vip Commands :

    .world channel
    .vip chat
    .vip buffs
    .vip online
    .vip waterwalk on/off
    .vip hover


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Server Info

  • Realm name: Madness TBC Fun Server
  • Realm status:  Online Online
  • Type: Normal
  • Accounts: 451
  • Characters: 659